UK watchdog bans HSBC climate change ads


UK watchdog bans HSBC climate change ads

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned HSBC from running two advertisements, concluding that they are "misleading" about the bank's climate change efforts.

HSBC Banker Suspended for Climate Change & ESG Risk Comments

HSBC has suspended its Head of Responsible Investing (Stuart Kirk) over comments he made about climate change risk. These were at a conference on responsible investing. He asserted that a signficiant amount of climate risk rhethroci was scaremongering, and hyperbolic. He also argued that a significant amount of financial risk modeling is rubbery and error prone due to incorrect assumptions. He further indicated that investors need not worry about climate risk due to pay back periods, and technological innovation. I discuss his comments and whether he should have been suspended.

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* 0:00 Introduction
* 1:18 Hyperbolic regulators?
* 5:30 Fossil fuels can outperform renewables?
* 7:47 Stranded assets and payback periods
* 10:45 Technological innovation
* 13:24 The role of risk modeling
* 16:11 Do other risks take precedence?
* 18:43 Financially responsible energy transition
* 20:02 Do investors need to care about climate risk?
* 21:52 Should people be suspended over climate comments?
* 24:28 Overall thoughts

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HSBC – Transition to Net Zero – Sustainable Finance

How do we fix a problem with no boundaries by pushing our own? Climate change knows no borders. That’s why HSBC is aiming to provide up to $1trn in financing and investment globally to help our clients transition to net zero. Learn more:

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Opportunity doesn’t do borders ׀ TV advert ׀ HSBC UK

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‘Misleading’ HSBC net zero adverts banned

Two adverts from HSBC about its role in the green transition have been banned for glossing over the bank’s own responsibility for pollution.

Plus, Labour calls on the Conservatives to seize the opportunity to ban fracking ‘once and for all’.

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