HSBC and Wells Fargo achieve PvP settlement finality with DLT


HSBC and Wells Fargo achieve PvP settlement finality with DLT

HSBC and Wells Fargo have completed the first interbank Payment vs Payment (PvP) settlement outside of CLS using distributed ledger technology from Baton Systems.

Keynote HSBC : La trésorerie de demain (FX everywhere et Blockchain)

Scandal-haunted HSBC sees profit slump

Scandal-hit HSBC reports 17 percent slump in profit, as its chief executive faces claims that he helped clients evade taxes.

HSBC fined almost £64m over money laundering failuresevening buzzinfo 1639728943 d13a11f

HSBC fined almost £64m over money laundering failures

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#Wells Fargo, #HSBC expand #blockchain FX system to include offshore yuan

added the offshore yuan to their blockchain-based solution that settles bilateral foreign exchange transactions, the banking giants said Thursday.

The Chinese currency marks the fifth currency to be settled between the two lenders using the so-called DLT solution, which uses a shared settlement ledger that currently surrounds the U.S. dollar, Canadian dollar, British pound sterling, and the euro, the banks said.

The system was launched in December 2021 and has since settled more than $200M in transactions. WFC and HSBC noted that more currencies are planned to be added to the DLT solutions in the coming months.

Wells Fargo, HSBC Add Offshore Yuan to Blockchain Foreign-Exchange System

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