Griffin moves banking-as-a-service sandbox out of beta


Griffin moves banking-as-a-service sandbox out of beta

UK-based banking-as-a-service startup Griffin has launched a sandbox for fintechs to build prototypes and test applications on its platform.

Unlock Open Banking with Definition-Driven API Development and Virtualization

In the last year there we have heard a considerable amount about Open Banking revolutionizing the banking industry with governments around the world mulling increased regulation.

Open banking is the idea of breaking the monopoly of a few larger banks by letting smaller players get access to customer data, so they too can provide value added services using Application Programming Interfaces (Open APIs) to enable third-party developers to build apps and service around more traditional banking and financial services. So why is it important and how do APIs drive this new concept?

During this webinar we will discuss:

-An overview of Open Banking and how APIs are driving it
-Challenges associated with Open Banking
-How APIs Will Make or Break Your Organisation’s Success
-Real life examples of organisations who have implemented Open Banking

Learn more about ReadyAPI at: &md=ppcs &cm=1906 &ct=smartbear &tr=readyapi &gclid=CjwKCAiAodTfBRBEEiwAa1haugX6PG2WZBp80NQJ2nBo1X9ATp0bAax9pNdLtnLGBpPgfhl3XmOhNBoCH_4QAvD_BwE

OBN in 60 seconds – How does open banking aid Financial Inclusion

How does open banking aid financial inclusion and cover the unbanked populace?

RegTech Africa Conference 2022 – CBDC Session By CEO, Karan Jain – NayaOne

CBDC panel specialist Karan Jain (CEO of NayaOne) explains how Digital Sandbox environments facilitate partnerships between Banks and Tech providers to accelerate innovation, in a secure environment to enhance the financial world.

Nayaone aims to bring CBDC vision to life while working alongside with central banks, commercial banks and regulated financial institutions.

By providing Digital Sandbox and technological options to speed up the financial service and products to the market.
By using our expert datasets, API offerings and accelerated testing platforms NayaOne can shrink the time consuming processes for building a financial service from month to week and weeks to days.

Digital Sandbox and FinTech innovations have the capabilities to revolutionise and restructure the financial industry landscapes.

To know more on our CBDC Solutions, please reachout to us today!

Email: [email protected]

NayaOne revolutionises innovation in financial services. We provide banks with a single point of access to hundreds of fintechs and datasets, through our Digital Sandbox and Fintech-as-a Service offering. Regulated firms are able to discover, build, evaluate and scale with fintechs in a matter of weeks instead of months.

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Makin’ Moves Real Estate Community – REFINING THE BUSINESS PLAN!

Deal acquisition is fun. It’s a thrill, a chase, a dopamine hit of finding the next deal, but what kills most people is not paying attention to their KPI’s on current assets to achieve their business plan.

Tune in with Tim & Tim as we talk about our mindset and how we make sure we stay on course and hold each other accountable!