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"Best Upcoming Drummer"

-Dave Weckl - Modern Drummer Dec. 2007
Featured Artist: Tito Pascoal

CD Title: Walk the Walk

Year: 2007

Record Label: unspecified

Style: Various Jazz Styles

Musicians: Tito Pascoal (drums), Tim Pascoal (keyboards, horns, vocals, bass, moog bass, loop programming), Tom Kennedy (bass), Bob Mintzer (saxophone), Dave Weckl (shakers), Tim Cunningham (saxophone), Theo Pascoal (bass, vocoder, percussions), Kurt Silver, Bill Elrod, & Tim Cunningham (horns), Leland Crenshaw (guitar), Ptha Williams (piano), Al Caldwell (bass, slap solo), Carmen & Orlanda (vocals), Mauricio Zottarelli (jazz drum kit trading solos with Tito -- track 6), Angie G. (BGVs), Alvin Quinn (bass melody, track 6)

O.k., I opened the CD case, plopped in the CD and proceeded to listen with measured interest to some really exquisitely diverse jazz. I didn’t bother to read the bio or liner notes on this one first, as I normally do. I was just going to groove on some new music and get down to the review later. Then, I noticed something very interesting about the drumming. This cat was handling all types of timing patterns with incredible ease. I chalked it up to years of experience. Then, I decided to read the bio and liner notes. That’s when I discovered that I had been listening to a 12-year-old! Thus is the case with Tito Pascoal-a 12-year-old Portuguese young man with a really powerful passion for jazz, and, boy, does it ever show.

Every now and again, we are presented with a musical phenomenon. We’ve had Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder, Sly Stone, Diane Schuur, and Steely Dan, just to name a few. Now enters young Tito Pascoal. Surrounded by a talented family (Tim, also the composer of much of this material, hangs out on keys and horns while Theo provides the thick bass lines) and guest artists such as Dave Weckl, Bob Mintzer, and Tom Kennedy, you can see why this kid has the confidence he so clearly displays behind the drums. This kid handles everything from funk to Coltrane. Track 1, “Chicken,” starts this party off with a heavy, energized bang, placing young Tito’s skills at center stage. It’s followed by an in-the-groove smooth jazz cut entitled “Decisions”--a true headbopper. He then kicks in the fusion funk on track 3, “Well U Needn’t.” Tracks 4 & 7 (the latter being Coltrane’s “Giant Steps”) further lend credence to his remarkably diverse skill, and one of the major highlights here has to be his rendition of Wild Cherry’s “Play That Funky Music” at track 6.

Pascoal provides fodder for the kid who’s always dreamed of pursuing a career in music---or in space travel, or in medicine, or… well, you get the point. A welcome addition to the jazz family, this young man should enjoy a long, bright, and fruitful future in the business. Gotta wonder what he’ll be offering in 20 years! Based on Walk the Walk, it should be worth the wait.

Tracks: Chicken, Decisions, Well U Needn't, Walk the Walk, Tito's Blues, Play That Funky Music, Giant Steps, Ca Ten Ninguen Simabo

Reviewed by: Ronald Jackson
"He is jamming...the young man's entire body - head, shoulders, legs - grooves to the beat."
- St. Louis Post-Dispatch
St. Louis Sound Magazine

At First glance, St Louis most recent gift to America's art form pales in stature to what audiences are accustomed to seeing on the bandstand. But open your mind, eyes and ears (not necessarily in that order). At twelve years of age, the diminutive frame of Tito Pascoal will, indeed, surprise you. While he may not have a list of musical accomplishments yet, Tito is equally deserving of the audience's attention.

"What excited me the most is that he didn't try to overplay. That's a sign of maturity," said Tom Kennedy. The veteran bassist performs with industry icons Dave Weckl and Bob "Yellowjackets" Mintzer on " Walk the Walk," Tito's newly released freshman CD on the TProductions label.

It's obvious from Tito's vocabulary that he has a lot of influences. For instance, Jimmy Cobb, Buddy Rich, Art Blakey, Tony Williams and Vinny Colaiuta," Tito says with excitement. When he performs, you immediately hear the culmination of numerous styles. He swings with the spirit of a seasoned master, but with a fresh, youthful fire. Both his swing and fire add a great deal of power and strength to his playing.

With the attack of a 20-30 year old, Tito is one of the most exciting live drum performances to watch anywhere. Even with the drop of a stick at one recent show, this tiny tyke did not miss a beat. Tito dazzles you as he continues to play with a confident groove to the rhythm.

Perhaps it comes as no surprise that while the little drummer boy is dwarfed by the size of his drum kit, he is a giant talent. Already quite accomplished for one so young. Tito has liked his first professional endorsement with Vic Firth Drum Sticks. He is establishing a strong fan base of his own on MySpace, has performed as a headliner at Clayton's posh club, Finale Music + Dining and plans a two week European tour this spring.

"Kids like him are the future of what we do," said Tom Kennedy. Tito achieves a musical maturity beyond his years with a talent fueled by inner drive and opportunity. Perhaps that is why he has captured the attention of his peers and adults twice his age on the national music scene.

To hear Tito Pascoal, you can visit Finale Music + Dining on Saturday, April 14, or listen to sound samples.
Dawn DeBlaze - St. Louis Sound Magazine (Mar 10, 2007)
"To be that good in six years is absolutely phenomenal."
Tim Cunningham


Bei Tito Pascoal handelt es sich um einen in Portugal geborenen und in den U.S.A. lebenden Drummer, der seit seinem sechsten Lebensjahr die Trommelstöcke schwingt. Inzwischen ist der Knabe immerhin schon 16 Jahre alt, auch wenn er die vorliegende CD bereits im Alter von 13 (!) eingespielt hat. Geboten wird hier ein Jazz und Fusion Sound (mit vielen Funk-Einflüssen), der es in sich hat.

Neben bekannten Songs aus der Feder von Jon Coltrane oder Pee Wee Ellis und Jaco Pastorius gibt es auch Kompositionen von Tim Pascoal, Pianist und Vater von Tito. Da auch Onkel Theo Pascoal am Bass mitspielt kann man von einem kleinen Familienunternehmen sprechen. Daneben sind hochkarätige Gäste auf Walk The Walk zu hören, wie Dave Weckl, Bob Mintzer, Phil Burton, Ptha Williams oder Tom Kennedy, was deren Wertschätzung für den jungen Tito Pascoal verdeutlicht und wenn man die Musik so hört muss man sagen, dass Tito ein enormes Talent in sich trägt. Sein Schlagzeug Spiel ist enorm groovig (zusammen mit Theo Pascoal am Bass) und absolut songdienlich, aber auch die Soloparts sind herausragend. Das klingt nach einem ganz alten Hasen im Musikgeschäft.

Dennoch kann Walk The Walk nicht ganz überzeugen, was nicht an Tito Pascoal liegt, sondern daran, dass die Produktion sehr klinisch sauber klingt und so der musikalische Gehalt etwas verloren geht, auch wenn Bob Mintzer geniale Saxophon-Soli hinzaubert. Hier sollte man mal auf Youtube schauen und sich einige Live-Aufnahmen in kleineren Clubs anschauen. Dann kann man sich der Faszination von Tito Pascoal kaum mehr entziehen. Hier scheint ein kleiner Stern am Schlagzeughimmel aufzugehen. Man darf gespannt sein, wie die Entwicklung weitergeht.

- Musik an sich (Jul 14, 2010)